Suoher EVI air to water heat pumps have zero defection in Sweden in the past 3 years

Time: 2019-04-25
Summary: In the past 3 years we sell a lot EVI heat pumps to Sweden, and up to now, we don't have any sold EVI units with problems.

The climate in Sweden is more difficult for air to water heat pumps, with lower temperature and higher humidity in winter. In the past years Suoher sells a lot of EVI heat pumps, including split type and monoblock type, range 11kw and 18kw, to Sweden. All these EVI heat pumps are with inbuilt strong and energy saving circulating pumps of efficiency class A. 2018 winter is the 3rd winter since our first EVI unit was installed in Sweden. Up to now there is no case with defective EVI heat pumps. We believe these good feedback is due to the following facts.

1. The producing quality and design of the EVI heat pumps is good.

2. The installation is good.

Finally, according to the market feedback about the after-service problems, we get the conclusion that more than 90% of the heat pump problems are due to too low water flow volume, or there is air inside the heating water system. As long as the good installation can make sure big enough water flow and discharge all the air out of the heating system, the heat pump is able to work for more than 10 years.